Saturday, 25 July 2015

London 4-Day Itinerary: Day Four

Read Day 1 here - British Museum and River Thames
Read Day 2 here - Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge
Read Day 3 here - Warner Brothers Studio Tour
Read Day 4 here - King's Cross and Harrod's

London --> Paris

It was our last day in London but we didn't depart until the evening so we checked out of the hotel and left our luggage at a storage at St. Pancras International Train Station. Each piece of luggage cost GBP 10.

King's Cross station was next to St. Pancras station and I wanted to see what Platform 9 3/4 looked like. It was modern with automatic gates and didn't allow people without tickets to enter the platform. However, next to Platforms 9 and 10 was a Harry Potter gift store. The small store was packed full and on the wall next to the store was a sign that said Platform 9 3/4 with a cart halfway in the wall for fans to take photos. The queue was quite long and it cost money to take a photo but it's a good option if you do not have time to make it to the Warner Bro. Studio Tour.

From St. Pancras station, it was not a far walk to the British Library. The black barred section in the photo below was the King's Library.

British Library
We visited Hyde Park which wasn't particularly pretty but was famous for the Speaker's Corner.

Hyde Park
Harrod's was easily visible after a short walk from Knightsbridge station. The famous department store was very large and I did not go beyond the first floor to avoid getting lost and absorbed into walking around for far too long. On the first floor there were designer handbags, a raw oyster bar and a delicious confectionery section.

Interior of Harrod's
In the evening we took the 4:22pm Eurostar from London to Paris. It cost about CAD 130 per person and took 2.5 hours to reach Paris.

Read Day 1 here - British Museum and River Thames
Read Day 2 here - Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge
Read Day 3 here - Warner Brothers Studio Tour
Read Day 4 here - King's Cross and Harrod's
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