Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bali 4-Day Itinerary: Day Two

4 Day Itinerary in Bali

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Tanah Lot
Day 2

We joined a full day tour around the south of the island. We joined Bali Bagus Tours and all we had to do was email our information to the company before arriving and paid at the end of the tour (Rp 650,000 for one car). The owner Suta answered all our questions promptly via Whatsapp prior to arrival and his employee, Ketut picked us up on time at 11am at the hotel.

Since it was a private tour we had some flexibility in where we wanted to go and in what order. We visited many destinations that would've been quite impossible without a car since there is no public transit.

We visited Celuk village, a Batik clothing factory, a coffee plantation, the Ubud Money Forest, the Tegunungan waterfall, a temple at Mengwi, and the famous Tanah Lot.

Making Batik clothing
Coffee Plantation
The coffee plantation seemed to be a family business and the owner patiently showed us his garden of fruits, herbs, and coffee used to make his products. We got to sample many flavoured teas and coffees for free. Only the Luwak coffee required a small fee. The process of making the Luwak coffee needs the (rather angry) animal photographed below.

Animal for Luwak coffee

Sampling coffees and teas
Ubud Monkey Forest
The wild monkeys at the forest are all used to people and will not hesitate to come up to you if you have food! One sitting woman had a monkey climb on her head and try to remove the sunglasses and hat she was wearing so be mindful of your accessories from these playful creatures.

Ubud Monkey Forest
Tegenungan waterfall
Pagodas at Mengwi temple
Tanah Lot
The Tanah Lot was the highlight of this day tour and was the last stop. Tanah Lot means "land in the sea" because the temple is only accessible during low tide. When we were there the tide was already at shin height so we didn't walk to the temple to avoid getting our shoes wet. The scenery was very beautiful and I especially liked watching the sunset here. The only downside is that there are a lot of tourists.

Tanah Lot sunset
We were dropped off at our hotel by 8pm due to traffic and thoroughly enjoyed our day of sightseeing.

End of Day 2! Did jetskiing in Day 3.

Read Day 1 here - Kuta Beach
Read Day 2 here - Full Day Island Tour
Read Day 3 and 4 here - Nusa Dua Beach
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