Monday, 3 February 2014

Sydney 3-Day Itinerary: Day Three

3 Day Itinerary in Sydney

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Day 3

Today we bought the MyMulti Day Pass for AUD$21 each because we were taking the bus more frequently today and we also wanted to try the train across Harbour Bridge.

We took the bus to the city and alighted on Elizabeth St at Liverpool St. We walked across the street and took the 380 bus towards North Bondi. You can also take the 333 bus and both cost AUD$4.60 one way. There is also another option of taking the train near to Bondi then wait for the 333/380 to transfer to the beach. The train method is supposedly faster but since Bondi Beach is so popular, there was a long queue at the bus interchange when our bus arrived to pick up the train passengers. Factoring in the queuing time, getting on the bus on Elizabeth St did not take much longer and we had a seat the whole way.

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is very long and quite commercial. There are many shops and restaurants along and further back from the beach. There were signs that said the beach had free WiFi but when I tried to log in, it didn’t work. Since I’m not much of a sunbather, one hour at Bondi was enough but if you wanted to play water sports you could spend a good amount of time here.

Sydney Fish Market
Seafood Plate
We took the bus back to the train station area and took the train to Museum Station. It was about a 10-15 minute walk to the Sydney Fish Market where a lot of seafood is sold. There is an indoor street with stores upon stores of seafood vendors selling their food to you. Every table seemed to be occupied by people and the noise level was very high. I have been to other busy fish markets before but I found this one very overwhelming since I had no idea what to choose and couldn't find a space to sit down and eat it even if I did choose. We ended up trying an oyster and shrimp plate which was pretty fresh but not anything spectacular. If you would like to experience a busy seafood environment then go to the fish market for a look! Perhaps I was just hungry so I felt more overwhelmed.

Darling Harbour
Hurricane Grill
After the Fish Market we walked towards Darling Harbour because the bus would have taken longer. The trek was about another 15-18 minutes. We ate a proper lunch at Hurricane Grill which overlooks the harbour and served delicious lamb ribs! I really enjoyed my meal here.

Queen Victoria Building
From Darling Harbour we took a bus to the Queen Victoria Building. Walking would only take 15 minutes from the harbour but since we had a Day Pass, we used it. The QVB is currently a shopping mall but its architecture is old and beautiful inside and out. There were many tourists there not to shop but to observe. Remember to look up at the exquisite clocks hanging from the ceiling!

Sydney Tower Eye
A 5 minute walk from the QVB is Westfield Sydney which is a shopping mall at the base of the Sydney Tower Eye. We didn’t go up since it was raining so the view would not have been great anyways. We ended up at the Westfield food court which is a very nice one. Food is served above food court quality here and everyone seemed to enjoy their dining experience. I’d recommend having lunch here if you’re in the area.

Sydney train
Lastly we took the train for a few stops across the Harbour Bridge and back since the train tracks were adjacent to the vehicle lanes on the bridge. It offered a decent view of the harbour and Opera House from above but there was a wired fence so decent pictures can’t be captured. Nonetheless, we used our Day Pass to the fullest!

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Read Day 2 here
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