Monday, 3 February 2014

Sydney 3-Day Itinerary: Day Two

3 Day Itinerary in Sydney

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Day 2

Although we were sightseeing the whole day I opted not to buy the MyMulti Day Pass (AUD$21) because many of the locations were within walking distance and the CBD area has free shuttle buses in the daytime.

Went to the Sydney Opera House today!
If you are interested in learning more about the MyMulti passes look at this website. I found the Sydney transit websites difficult to navigate to find the information I need. For example the bus fares are divided into sections but there is no easy way to calculate how many sections you will have to travel and therefore pay for the fare. I asked the man who sold the MyBus fares and even he told me that he just guessed.

Bus fare prices from Sydney website
From last night we still had our unlimited bus fare until 12:00pm so we used that to get to the CBD in the morning. We alighted at Liverpool St again and walked through the park across the street which houses The Pool of Reflections and the Archibald Fountain. Since it was summer weather, the trees provided a nice breezy walk until we reached St. Mary’s Cathedral.

St. Mary's Cathedral
We made our way along Art Gallery Rd to the Art Gallery of New South Wales (NSW). It is open 10am to 5pm with free general admission. The gallery is elegantly built on the outside and a few floors high. There are classical and modern exhibits free for browsing.

Art Gallery of NSW
Then we walked to the Royal Botanic Gardens which is open 7am to 8pm and has free admission. The gardens was made of more greens than colourful flowers but still amusing to see since the plant species were ones that we didn’t have back home.

Royal Botanic Gardens
There are helpful signs in the gardens that point you to the direction of Mrs. Macquarie’s Point. This place had the best view of the famous Sydney Opera House since it is directly across from it on the harbour. The walk towards the point was also beautiful. We took a lot of photos here!

Panorama from Mrs. Macquarie's Point
From Mrs. Macquarie’s Point to the Opera House took about an 18 minute walk. Despite being New Year’s Day and a public holiday there were lots of people at this tourist destination. 

Sydney Opera House and I
It was another close walk to Circular Quay where the ferry terminal to Manly Beach is. We checked the departure time then grabbed lunch before returning to buy our tickets. Normally there are peak and non-peak hour prices but since it was a holiday it was a flat rate for all hours. 

Circular Quay ferry terminal
The ferry took about 25 minutes and upon alighting we were greeted by a tourist villa. There were shops and restaurants along the walk to the beach with everyone in beachwear ready to soak up the sun. The beach was crowded with bodies sunbathing and swimming in the water.

Manly Beach
We took the ferry back to Circular Quay and walked to The Rocks which is right next to it. There were quaint shops and restaurants here but we didn’t stay here long because we had nothing to buy and it wasn’t meal time yet.

The Rocks
For dinner we headed back to Chinatown because I saw a long queue in front of Mamak yesterday and after searching it up on Urbanspoon, I found that it was one of the top restaurants in Sydney! The free shuttle bus 555 is located across the street from the ferry terminal and we took it to get to Chinatown. Walking is possible but it may take around 20 minutes. Even at 5:30pm we had to wait about 15 minutes before we were seated but the food was pretty delicious. 

Dinner at Mamak
Bus fares are not sold on board buses that leave from the CBD so we went into a 7Eleven and bought bus fares for the way back to the hotel (AUD$3.60).

With careful planning there is no need to buy the MyMulti Day Pass for $21. Excluding the Manly ferry ride - which is not included in the Day Pass either - the entire day’s bus fare only cost us $3.60 each. Even if we did not have the NYE ticket the evening before, it would’ve only cost $7.20 each. However on Day 3 we bought the Day Pass so read on to compare!

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