Thursday, 22 August 2013

Childhood Friendships

Last week, family friends from Oregon came to visit. I've known the older sister since we were both babies and I watched their mom pregnant with the younger sister all the way through her birth and growth. In other words, I've known them for a long time. Although we live in different places, our families have been able to keep in touch all these years which I hope to do with the new friends I meet all over the world.

Caramel macaron, hazelnut macaron, lemon tart
It is weird growing up with friends from the early years of childhood. When you're young, you become best friends with someone almost instantly and you can be entertained for hours with imaginary games or secret handshakes.

Yet as you grow older, if you don't get to spend much time together, that instant bond as a child will start to take longer and longer. You do not pick up instantly from where you left off the last time you saw each other because you are leading different lives and have different interests. I find myself having to use more effort to think of common topics that we can all talk about because I realize that I don't actually know that much about them despite the years of friendship. This isn't just with my Oregon friends but with other childhood friends as well.

Anywho, as I grow older I appreciate each friendship more and so I want to give in more effort to keep in touch because you never know when you will see them again. As grim as it sounds, my parents have childhood friends who have passed away well before they reached old age. Life is unexpected, so make the most of it.

L to R: Jacquie, Me, Joycie
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