Monday, 1 July 2013

Taiwan Day 51: First Day of Camp

Day Fifty One

Today is probably the most tiring day I've experienced in Taiwan so far. Even more tiring than hiking Yanmingshan or the Wufenqi waterfall! We woke up early at 7am and had our first day of camp from 9am-4:30pm.

Our 22 students were aged 7-12 and very very energetic. However, our camp was held in English and they were reluctant to participate when we didn't translate in Chinese.

Our team

We held many sessions around our camp's theme: Think Out of the Box. Then the three exchange participants including myself presented on our countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Canada.

The teacher who liased us with the school came to watch for the first half. At one point there were two boys who got into a fight and I was so glad he was there to settle the situation.

Teacher Peng

At lunch time we handed out the bento boxes and let them play around. The kids never stopped moving or finding something fun throughout the day! I wonder how they had so much energy because by lunchtime I was already exhausted.

Handing out lunch
Bento lunch
The kids are pretty reluctant to speak English, even if it is "repeat after me" style. But at one point of the camp, two little girls came up to me and said, "Teacher you are pretty." after they learned it from someone else in our team. That was so cute and made me blush!

I have much more respect for elementary teachers after today because they handle the classroom so well and come back year after year to do the same thing.

Take care,

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  1. Vivien now you learn how to respect with recognition. Good girl.