Sunday, 30 June 2013

Taiwan Day 50: What I Learned

Day Fifty

It is my 50th day here in Taiwan! Only a week more until I go home.

Today Hui Chee and I led a tour around Monga to showcase what we have learnt over the past 7 weeks of living and taking classes there. It was a little weird because we were two foreigners teaching Taiwanese people about their own place. Some aren't from Taipei but some are and they have never walked around Monga so indepth before.

They say teaching is the best way to learn and I realized that today. By telling them about all the things I have learnt here, I felt that I wanted to spread the why of Monga's specialty and have them be convinced just as I am. I didn't realize that I had learned so much during my weeks here and showing them the website and YouTube videos that we created allowed me to reflect on why I came here in the first place and what I have achieved.

Tea display at Bopiliao
In the evening our team (June, Emily, Leanne, Linda, Jackie and I) went to Nanshi Elementary to prepare for the first day of our camp tomorrow. The teacher treated us to dinner and prepared things for us like mats and sleeping bags. This is my first time sleeping overnight in a school!

Take care,

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