Monday, 24 June 2013

Taiwan Day 44: Souvenir Shopping

Day Forty Four

With some free time on my hands I went souvenir shopping at the Taipei Main Station underground mall. I wasn't too sure about what to buy so I got what Taiwan does best: food. These boxes were heavy to carry!

When I had a conversation with a Taiwanese saying how much I liked the papaya milk here, he told me that I had to try the Avocado Milk. So I did today and it has become an addition to my favourite drinks! This store that I went to was especially good :) Inside the drink is creamy milk, a spoon of pudding, syrup and avocado. The taste is like sweet pudding milk with a hint of avocado so it is very easy to drink. Plus I loved the thickness of the texture.

Avocado Milk
In the evening Hui Chee and I watched Django Unchained while doing our face masks. I'm not sure how I feel about this movie. Before watching it, a friend had told me that it was funny but the cruel parts to the slaves in the movie make it hard to laugh.

Django Unchained
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