Sunday, 23 June 2013

Taiwan Day 43: Meetings days

Day Forty Three

It was good that I stayed in today because it was pouring rain again in Taipei and my umbrella is pretty broken. I did buy a big yellow poncho for the typhoon season though! Doesn't seem like I will need to use it since I don't have that many days left in Taiwan and typhoon season hasn't hit yet.

Had two separate meetings to discuss the camp we are holding for primary and secondary school students next week from 2:00-8:30pm but it didn't feeling tiring at all! Rather it felt very productive and I love that feeling.

Meeting mode
Anyways I wrote an article about How to Navigate a Taiwanese Night Market published on so please check it out! (Read here)

The photo in the post is of Monga Nightmarket located outside Longshan Temple in Wanhua.

Take care,

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