Thursday, 6 June 2013

Taiwan Day 26: No Photography Allowed!

Day Twenty Six

When Hui Chee and I were walking around trying to find lunch today we spotted this. The art was really beautiful so I went over to take some photos. Turns out the two women on the right are from the media and said that they're only taking photos for their job thus implying that I can't take photos. Oh well I got my shot!

For lunch we ended up at a local place called "Fat Boy" but the logo is a woman. There were dishes like "pork side lip" and "pork heart" but we just opted for noodles and pork meat.

After filling our tummies, we went filming around the area for our project. It was very sunny today and lucky for us, it didn't rain until we got back indoors. It has been raining everyday here and hard pouring rain, too. Seems like the perfect reason to get new rainboots. The only problem is that I don't want to accumulate too much stuff so that my luggage becomes overweight when I fly back home.

Hui Chee and I
In the evening I met up with AIESECers for a meeting about an upcoming camp that we're running.  We chatted in the Taipei Main Station food court. My dinner was only all right because I think my standard for food has gone up again since coming to Taiwan and trying delicious things.

A new adventure awaits tomorrow as we leave Taipei again.

Take care,

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