Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Taiwan Day 24: Visiting National Taiwan University

Day Twenty Four

After Hui Chee got her haircut at Ximending, we went to try the fried chicken that we had walked past so many times. The chicken itself was good but not amazing, yet it was the employees that made this place unique. While standing in line and taking your order they will continually compliment you and they do the same for every customer! It is actually quite hilarious. For example they will go like:

Them: "Oh hello two beautiful ladies!"
You: "I want a small order of fried chicken."
Them: "Only a small for you? Pretty ladies need to eat more! Get a large!"

Oh those Taiwanese sweet talkers. They say the same for guys too, except just compliment how handsome they are.

In the evening we met up with new friends that we met at the previous AIESEC event. We went to the Gongguan Night Market which is close to the National Taiwan University (NTU). Since it is a weekday evening there weren't many people and this night market wasn't very big.

Gongguan Night Market
After eating some chicken rice dinner we went to walk around NTU since Hui Chee and I had never been. There were rows of palm trees everywhere and in the dim lighting most of the buildings looked like they were made of bricks.

Hallway of a building in NTU
While walking around, we saw a woman taking photos of a tree so I went over to look. She explained to us that this flower on the tree only opens at night and closes up again in daylight. I can't remember what the name of the plant was because she said it quickly in Chinese.

Many of NTU's buildings require a student card to enter so we weren't able to go into many. Even the library required card access so we just took a photo in front of it.

L to R: Me, Hui Chee, Jeff, Glinn
I finished editing the video clips of my first week in Taiwan so have a look :) Places include Tamsui, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and Taipei Zoo.

Take care,
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