Thursday, 23 May 2013

Taiwan Day 12: Painting Owls

Day Twelve

My six new mosquito bites from yesterday swelled a lot today causing huge plum size bumps on my legs :( Not only are they itchy but they hurt too and make my limbs kind of numb.

Bite complaining aside, today was quite chill. In the afternoon we went to the community college for an art class related to the Wanhua wetlands. The teacher picks up items from the wetlands and teaches the art class using these supplies. For example, different seeds can be painted and glued to create art.

Looking at the seeds with teacher in the middle
We each took a seed and started painting our own pieces of art. It was pretty relaxing to just paint and listen to the lively conversations of the other classmates who are all adults. They found it quite amusing that us four foreign students are here and a few even took photos with us. Unfortunately I got new mosquito bites while sitting there painting.

L to R: Vivien, Hui Chee, Olivia, Darm
For dinner I tried the famous Taiwan oyster omelette at the nearby nightmarket. Overall it tasted pretty good but there was too much sauce on top. Next time I will definitely ask for no sauce.

Oyster omelette
Back at the homestay house, our Thai roommate wanted to show us more of his culture. He took out these large pieces of cloth and demonstrated how to tie them into their traditional pants. Although a bit uncomfortable to wear it was cool!

As I was sitting there listening, I realized that some important cultural exchange was happening in the room. Although we had a language barrier since he couldn't speak much English and we don't speak Thai but I still learnt a lot.

Take care,

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