Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Taiwan Day 11: Temples and Bowling

Day Eleven

To work on our project, we went to visit two temples and got to talk to people who worked there to find out about its history. The first temple we went to was Qing Shan Temple. I don't know much about Buddhism or temples but I learned a lot just from conversing with people. In a temple people might assume that they pray to the Buddha or the other traditional gods but in this temple they pray to a monk who has passed away. He was so respected that the local people built a temple for him.

The next temple we went to was Zhu Shi Temple and it worships a general. The photo below is actually a costume that people wear out on the streets on special occasions such as the general's birthday.

Soon after our research at the temples was over, it started pouring rain. It rained harder and harder so we headed back to our accommodation. The fifteen minute walk back seemed long because it felt like we were walking through a waterpark in Disneyland.

In the evening, we went to Soochow University to meet with AIESECers at their office. Then we went for dinner and bowling. This evening may be one of the funnest nights in Taiwan so far! 

Go Team!

Take care,
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