Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Taiwan Day 18: Unexpected Departure

Day Eighteen

Last night we learnt some unexpected news that Olivia's grandmother passed away so she has to leave Taiwan for the funeral and won't be returning. Although sad to see her leave, family comes first. All of us homestays took a photo with our host uncle and auntie.

There was still some time before her flight, we went to Taipei Main Station to look around. There was a long line up at this Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake the last few times we passed by it so we finally tried it today! One cake cost NT199 and we were lucky to get it freshly baked without lining up!

It was light and fluffy but did not have very strong cheese taste at all. This cheesecake is definitely more catered towards Asian preference of dessert.

Uncle and auntie gave all of us a ride to the airport to send Olivia off. There weren't many of us working on this project to begin with but now there is one less :( Glad to have met you friend!

Since Duanwu Festival (aka Dragon Boat Festival) is coming up, auntie made homemade zhong zi for us to try. It was delicious because she added lots of ingredients unlike the ones you eat at restaurants with only a single piece of meat if any.

Farewells can be unexpected, so appreciate the people around you while you can!

Take care,
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