Monday, 6 August 2012

Explore Day 36: Bon Anniversaire Linda!

Happy Birthday Linda!

I'm writing this at 2:26am Vancouver time on August 6 so technically her birthday was yesterday. Anyhow, those of us still in Quebec went to eat birthday brunch to celebrate. We went to a place called L'academie in the mall next to campus.

We arrived around 10am and steadily it became busier in the restaurant. 

I just ordered Le Classique breakfast with poached eggs. The meal came with fruit, toast and tea.

When my food first arrived I thought they had forgotten my eggs until I realized the white sour cream looking substance in the bowl were my eggs. Only one of them was poached well because the other yolk was cooked too thoroughly.

After brunch we said bye to Candy and Tam at the bus stop because they were taking the bus to Montreal. When we were waving bye through the bus window the driver waved back to us as a joke so we said goodbye to him, too.

It was extremely humid and hot today (which explained the rain/thunder storm in the evening). Cally, Linda, and I went down the underground tunnels to see the wall art Linda and Tam did for their art plastique class.

The Calgary one below is the one Linda and Tam created. J'aime ça!

I also found an AIESEC one which was painted very well.

Soon after, I said good bye to Cally and Linda then returned to my room to do some last minute packing. I really hope I get to see again the friends I've made this summer from all over Canada! À bientôt mes amis!

Michelle, Manal, and I shared a taxi around 2:30pm to the YQB airport. My flight was originally at 5:20pm but it was delayed by an hour due to the rainstorm. The weather in Quebec was in general very agreeable during my stay but on this last day there it rained harder than I've seen so far.

My very initial intention of starting this blog was to post about my Explore trip. I created the blog with food pictures because I had so many on my phone. Now that Explore is over I don't know what main theme to blog about anymore.

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  1. Hello Vivian, thanks for writing posts about your trip in Quebec and I've read them all! They are very fun and informative and give me an idea of how it's gonna be like when I go to Explore soon! I really look forward to it after reading your blog and seeing all the great pictures u've taken; thanks again for sharing with us!

    p.s. I go to ubc too. =)

    1. Thanks for leaving comments fellow UBC-er! :)