Monday, 6 August 2012

Explore Day 35: Farewell, Brunch, Fireworks

The very last event hosted by the animateurs was Coffee & Toast breakfast in the animateur room from 9-11am on the morning of August 4. I went at 10am and there were already a lot of people there to say farewell to friends and thank the animateurs for "animating" all the Explore activities.

Left to right: Head coordinator Mathieu, Cally, Me
 We took many pictures with each other and head coordinator, Mathieu gave each of us a carte verte as a souvenir of this trip. It was kind of sad to see the animateur office opened for the last time.

Although I'm the only one looking at the camera I really like the photo below because it captured a good moment. Francine looked so happy! We were among great people in Quebec.

After our farewells with the animateurs, Linda, Pooja, Julie, Tam, Jessica and I headed to brunch in Vieux Quebec. It was a small restaurant called Le Petit Coin Latin and we sat outdoors under a big umbrella. This past week we've been eating out a lot because we want to make the most of our last days in the city.

Linda and I shared an omlette and a crusty cheese sandwich both of which were absolutely delicious! Probably because they added a lot of cheese. 

Summer festivals are lined up one after another in Quebec. The latest one is «Nouvelle France» to celebrate the beginnings of Quebec. Many performers were dressed in olden day clothing but some locals attending the festival were dressed up as well! They have a great passion for celebrating their province.

There was lots to see in the Place Royale and Petit Champlain area with crowds of artists, performers, and tourists. The handwork that impressed me most was handmade lace. There was a group of women sitting in a semicircle dressed in costume demonstrating how to make lace with thread. It was such delicate and beautiful work.

Down at Vieux Port Quebec next to the farmer's market was a large art tent selling many handmade pieces. Shri, Candy and I went to have a look after searching for souvenirs. There were many jewelry and leather goods vendors.

The whole day I was looking forward to fireworks in the evening since I missed the Festival of Lights in Vancouver for the third year in a row! It started at 10:30pm by Vieux Port and I took a LOT of photos. I felt lucky to be able to catch the fireworks in Quebec City on my last evening here. It was a colourful way to conclude my five weeks here.

Before going to fireworks
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