Friday, 3 August 2012

Explore Day 33: Spectacle de fin de session

Yesterday August 2 was the second last day of Explore. The «Spectacle de fin de session» (End of Explore show) was tonight so after class I headed over to the Grand Salon for a quick rehearsal. Then Linda, Jessica and I headed to the mall food court for lunch. I ordered a teriyaki rice and it was actually not bad for food court food.

I was part of the chanson francophone workshop so I had to go half an hour earlier than show time at 6:30pm. The theme of the show was going back in time because the language program at ULaval is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Our workshop sang a Beatles medley with French lyrics that we wrote ourselves about our stay in Quebec. Fortunately it was received well by the audience and I'm glad I joined this workshop so I could have a chance to perform on stage with others.

Our chanson francophone class
There were many talented and entertaining performances throughout the night including dances, singing, solo singers, guitarists, violinists, and skits. Since the theme was going back in time then slowly coming back to 2012 with each performance, there were performances pertinent to each decade.

After all the student performances, the animateurs performed three skits of their own. They were funny but a little bittersweet when they reached the part about the end of Explore.

All the animateurs
At the very end of the spectacle, the director of FLE (Français langue étrangère) gave a speech about how proud of us she was. She spoke to us on the first day of Explore and yesterday night was the second time. Her opening and ending speeches for the Explore program really made me realize that I have actually spent 5 weeks in Quebec. It certainly didn't feel like it because it went by so fast!

FLE director

Left to right: Linda, Me, Cally
The Spectacle turned out wonderful and it really shows that we've immersed ourselves into the French language not only through books and class lectures but through everyday fun activities.
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