Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Explore Day 25: Murder Mystery Dinner

In Explore there are many mandatory workshops in addition to class time for students. As I've blogged before, I'm in chanson francophone (French singing) but other workshops include board games, dance, and theatre.

Tonight I went to an event hosted by the theatre students called Murder Mystery. Guests attend a dinner and the theatre students in costumes present skits between the three course meal that chain into a story. At the very beginning the patron of the house, Edourd is murdered after drinking poisonous wine and we, the audience have to figure out who the murderer was by the end of the meal.

Edourd is the guy on the far left who looks like the Joker

It was fun trying to understand the story line and asking the characters questions as they walked around the tables. They all accused each other of being the murderer so it was difficult to guess who it really was. This was like a live version of a board game I like a lot called Clue.

On the other hand, the food presentation was decent but it was tasteless probably because it was made from the cafeteria.

The main dish was chicken breast, steamed vegetables, salad and rice. Fortunately the chicken breast wasn't too dry and actually quite tender. Dessert was a peach panna cotta which tasted like jello.

Our group didn't guess the right murder. It turned out that the chemist friend of the patron's wife killed Edourd because he liked the wife so he was jealous of Edourd. A theatrical reason for a theatre piece! 
Our tables group, top left to right: Linda, Jessica, Adrian, Candy, Me

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