Monday, 16 July 2012

Explore Day 16: Midterm & Wings

The skies were clear after a heavy thunderstorm last night. I woke up earlier today to head to the animateurs room to fix the activities listing problem. Mimi was kind when explaining what went wrong but still, she told me to return at noon to completely resolve the problem. Another deference. Nonetheless, it was finally resolved today.

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I had my first midterm exam during morning Phonetics class. We were in a computer lab and recorded our own voices onto a system called Can8 which by the way is much, much better than UBC's Soundboard on WebVista. The layout is simple but it does not lag at all unlike Soundboard (annoyed experiences). The second part of the exam I had to read a passage with exaggerated expressions which can be found here. It was strange but at least more fun than typical French textbook passages.

At 2:15pm I went to my chanson francophone workshop and we watched a few music videos including one by Jacques Brel found here. This video is worth a watch because it was such intense singing and performing on stage! We sang a song called La rue principale by Les Colocs which apparently every single Quebecois knows who they are.

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For dinner Erica, Linda, Candy, Jessica, and I had our own wings night in our residence. It was nice to just sit back and chat (and gossip a little :P).

This Monday is already the start of my third week of classes here which means only two more weeks left! I am definitely not looking forward to the program ending.
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