Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Explore Day 11: Conversation Workshop

One of the mandatory workshops is conversation which I have every Wednesday at 2:15pm. Three animateurs led the same group of people from my class in the morning. We started off the session with some French tongue twisters (virelangues). The hardest one was actually the first one with all the "sh" sounds.

We moved the class outside because the weather was so gorgeous and continued our conversations there. People in the group talked about each other and what films we liked. Not sure how the other sessions will be like but this one was kind of boring for me. But then again, I've been acting critical today and Sabrina pointed out that I didn't seem to be in a good mood. I guess I didn't realize until she said it.

I found something I haven't seen before back home! It's an orange cauliflower at the supermarket, I wonder what makes it orange?

Today is 7/11 which means free slurpees from 7Eleven! I usually pass by to get a free slurpee back home but this year I couldn't because there are no 7Elevens nearby here. I'm not sure if they even have any in Quebec, there are many Couche-Tards (Macs) though.

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